Project leader: Kieran Tuohy, Fondazione Edmund Mach

Web communication: Anna Eriksson,  (E-STaR) Fondazione Edmund Mach,

Bando "I comunicatori STAR della scienza", Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Elia Guariento

EFH ESR hosted by Eurac Research

Elia Guariento

Education: MSc Ecology and Ecosystem, University of Vienna, Austria.

Present position: PhD student in the Soil Ecology Group (Prof. Seeber) Institute of Alpine Environment at Eurac Research.

Project: Biodiversity and trophic structure of soil invertebrates along management intensity gradients. Soil quality and soil biodiversity are closely linked together and provide for central ecosystem functions and services. My research focuses on the effect of different agriculture intensities in fruit orchards and hay meadows. The focus is on how soil invertebrates, their biodiversity and their trophic chain length is influenced by such intensification. Results will be translated to soil quality and so potential food quality.

Host Institute: Eurac Research. Supervisor: Julia Seeber and Ulrike Tapeiner.