Project leader: Kieran Tuohy, Fondazione Edmund Mach

Web communication: Anna Eriksson,  (E-STaR) Fondazione Edmund Mach,

Bando "I comunicatori STAR della scienza", Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Giulia Pontali

EFH ESR hosted by Institute for Biomedicine, Eurac Research

Giulia Pontali

Education: Msc in Medical Bioinformatics, University of Verona, Italy

Present position: PhD student in the Biomedical Informatics Group (Dr. Domingues), Institute for Biomedicine, Eurac Research

Project: Characterize the obese subpopulation in the region and develop models to predict susceptibility to obesity. The obese subpopulation will be characterized based on the data collected within the CHRIS population study, with a strong focus on the implementation of methods to more accurately assess individual genetic risk. The methods implemented will also be applied in the genomic stratification of the participants in a partner intervention study on obesity.

Host Institute: Institute for Biomedicine, Eurac Research; Supervisor: F. Domingues; Collaborators: Fondazione Edmund Mach (Dr. K. Tuohy).