The COST Action ES0903 “EUROSPEC” final meeting is organized by Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), and the Trento Science Museum (MuSe) designed by Renzo Piano. 
This premier European meeting focuses on recent research activities in the optical sampling field carried out within the EUROSPEC COST Action (ES0903) and is open to worldwide researchers from the remote sensing, proximal sensing and carbon flux communities.

Trento, MUSE - Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza

Eurospec | Side events

Nobel Laureate Sherwood Rowland, speaking to a 1997 White House roundtable on climate change, asked: "Is it enough for a scientist simply to publish a paper? Isn't it the responsibility o...
Social Dinner
EUROSPEC Social Dinner  Antica Birreria Pedavena, November 6th 2013 at 20.30
Field Trip
Friday, 8th November, 2013
Chasing Ice
Introduction by Carlo Barbante (University of Venice, CNR) and Christian Casarotto (MUSE)