The COST Action ES0903 “EUROSPEC” final meeting is organized by Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), and the Trento Science Museum (MuSe) designed by Renzo Piano. 
This premier European meeting focuses on recent research activities in the optical sampling field carried out within the EUROSPEC COST Action (ES0903) and is open to worldwide researchers from the remote sensing, proximal sensing and carbon flux communities.

Trento, MUSE - Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza

Eurospec | Special Issue on Biogeosciences

A special issue titled "EUROSPEC - spectral sampling tools for vegetation biophysical parameters and flux measurements" will be opened as part of the journal Biogeosciences. The guest editors for the special issue are Georg Wohlfahrt, Caroline Nichol, Micol Rossini, Alasdair MacArthur, and Enrico Tomelleri.



We would like to inform that, due to organisational issues, the submission start date has been postponed and it is expected to start at the beginning of February 2014!
Authors can submit the full paper to Biogeosciences by using the online registration form on the BG website.



The deadline for the full paper submission to Biogeosciences is January 2015.
Depending on the number of submissions to the BG Special Issue, it is expected that a substantial number of papers will get the submission charges funded.
For further information, please contact Loris Vescovo (Chair of the Action - and Georg Wohlfahrt (Editor Biogeosciences -