A unique opportunity to share scientific, technical and regulatory information with the objective to promote knowledge exchange among scientists, companies, farmers, advisors, policy makers and stakeholders, to identify approaches, tools and techniques to meet the future needs of European crop protection. 


FiereCongressi Spa - Parco Lido, Riva del Garda - Italy

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Workshop: Induced Resistance in plants: the contribution of science to an effective field application 
(IOBC-WPRS WG Induced resistance in plants against insects and diseases)

Flors V., Mauch-Mani B., Perazzolli M., Pertot I., Pieterse C., Puopolo G., Schmitt A. Kelderer M.


Workshop: Novel tools and new challenges for IPM in viticulture
(IOBC-WPRS WG Integrated protection in viticulture)

Anfora G., Angeli S., Calonnec A., Duso C., Fuchs R., Innerebner G., Ioriatti C., Jermini M., Maixner M., Marschall K., Mazzoni V., Pertot I., Schmidt S., Thiéry D., Zahavi T. 


Workshop: Preserving soil quality and health for the future generations 
(IOBC-WPRS WG Multitrophic interactions in soil)

Cesco S., Elad Y., Insam H., Mimmo T., Perazzolli M., Pii Y., Puopolo G., Steinberg C., Thalheimer M.