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David Cary

Executive Director, IBMA

David Cary

Curriculum Vitae and research interest in short 

David enjoys his role as Executive Director of the dynamic global trade association, IBMA. His career has been focused on IPM, resistance management, implementation of biocontrol techniques, and systems based control of pests and diseases.
He is passionate about reducing the reliance on traditional pesticides through finding, developing, registering and bringing to market new solutions to feed a growing world population whilst respecting biodiversity, the environment and protecting human health. Now he spends much of his time working with policymakers, IGOs and regulators to make this happen.
David is an entomologist by training and spent several years co-ordinating, conducting, assessing, reporting efficacy trials and supervising regulatory compliance for biological agricultural inputs.
He actively participates in promoting the biocontrol industry and ensuring that any regulation is proportionate to risk. He promotes a globally harmonised regional regulatory and product development focus and is confident that we will see more global co-ordination in the near future. He was a key player in the formation of BPG (BioProtection Global) and works closely with international bodies including OECD, FAO and EPPO.

Presentation title

IPM Forum 2017 Summary

ABSTRACT - We are living in a changing world. Society expects we will have plentiful nutritious food produced whilst respecting human health and our environment. Biocontrol will play a strong role in such holistic sustainable agriculture. Our researchers and industry are responding to these challenges. Our market is growing strongly and this will continue. Policy makers accept the challenge. Farmers groups now see such change as an opportunity but need to retain faith and remain on board if and when a new blockbuster chemical comes on the scene rather than abandon successful holistic IPM approaches and use or may I suggest abuse new chemistry until predictable and possibly inevitable resistance develops.  Regulators are not on the whole evolving and changing models and practice in accommodating the different challenges biology as opposed to chemistry brings. This has to change and dare I suggest quickly.