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Helene Deruwe

Agriculture and Research Policy Officer - Freshfel Europe, Belgium

Helene Deruwe

Helene Deruwe

Curriculum Vitae and research interest in short

Helene Deruwe is Policy Officer at Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association. Freshfel ( incorporates more than 200 members (associations and companies) across the fresh produce supply chain from production down to retail. Her fields of expertise are agricultural policy, in particular the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Research and Innovation Policy of the EU. She is also member of the European Task Force for Research and Innovation in the fresh produce sector, composed of Areflh, EUFRIN, EUVRIN, and Freshfel Europe. Helene has a background in International Cooperation at Ghent University and European Studies at College of Europe. She completed her studies with a training at the European Commission.

Presentation title

The fresh fruit and vegetable sector from a sustainable supply chain perspective

ABSTRACT - Agriculture takes up 40% of all land surface and is the third largest emitter of total global greenhouse gases. Sustainability is not just a buzz word anymore, and it expanded beyond a merely political discussion. It is a reality for farmers and business along the whole food supply chain, and it becomes a license to produce and trade. The growing attention to sustainability from consumers, customers, NGOs, media, and politicians led to regulatory and non-regulatory tools and a diversity of rules, schemes, and certifications, in its turn leading to confusion and extra costs. Additionally, different stakeholders come up with different initiatives that target different difficulties and hotspots. In her presentation, Helene will talk about the different policy initiatives on European level, with 2 case studies from the Member States, the different certification schemes and standards, social and environmental compliance, sustainable lifestyles, and innovation and technology.