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FiereCongressi Spa - Parco Lido, Riva del Garda - Italy

Lucius Tamm

Deputy director of FiBL and head of the Department of Crop Sciences at FiBL.

Lucius Tamm

Lucius Tamm

Curriculum Vitae and research interest in short

Dr. Lucius Tamm is deputy director of FiBL and head of the Department of Crop Sciences at FiBL. The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Switzerland (FiBL) is one of the world’s leading organic research and technology transfer centres dedicated to sustainable agriculture. LT has 23 years’ R&D experience in plant pathology working on cereals, potatoes and horticultural crops. LT is co-inventor of 3 patent applications related to botanicals for disease control. He also contributed to the development of the regulatory framework for registration of botanicals and biocontrol agents  and for uses in organic farming and is since 1996 co-author of the Swiss list of inputs approved for organic farming.

Presentation title

The fresh fruit and vegetable sector from a sustainable supply chain perspective

ABSTRACT - The continued usage of contentious inputs increasingly becomes a technical limitation in upscaling organic farming. Apart from the detrimental impact on the environment, usage of controversial inputs is also publicly criticized and presents a major risk for the further development of the organic sector. Phasing out controversial practices is thus a priority strategy to safeguard the achievements and investments of the actors and to ensure the future development of the organic farming sector.