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Maurizio Barazzuol

VP - Metacortex, Italy

Maurizio Barazzuol

Maurizio Barazzuol 

Curriculum Vitae and Research interest in short 

Maurizio Barazzuol after the studies in physics at University of Padova have worked on ICT for a important companies in particular for IBM in Italy and In United States. With Rino Goller have founded Metacortex a software company, his main fosus is on agricultural software and business intelligence.

Presentation title

Artificial, Sensors, drones and precision agriculture for sustainable production

ABSTRACT - Today we have the possibility to integrate a huge quantity of information, quantitative information and qualitative information, time series related to meteorological data, various type image (multispectral, thermal, etc), with UAV can extend the samples of territories portion analyzed. We can combine these pieces of information with the theoretical studies to create models to improve the decision about the entire cycle of production but the results are in any case static. Using the Artificial Intelligence (Neural Network, Deep Learning, Data Mining, etc) we can transform the static model in a dynamic model. The dynamic model can adapt the strategies during the environment change and not only after. We have in front of us a continuous change, climatic change, law change, genetic adaptation or resistance, with a static model we arrive every time late, we have to change the perspective.