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Program | Bottlenecks and opportunities in utilizing crop-arthropod-microbe interactions

Bottlenecks and opportunities in utilizing crop-arthropod-microbe (CAMo) interactions*



Tuesday 17 October, 2017 - h. 15:00-17:00 - Workshop

15:00-15:15 Information about COST and Introduction to COST Action FA1405
15:15-17:00 COST Action FA1405 Workshop

The COST Action FA1405 - Using Three-way Interactions Between Plants, Microbes and Arthropods to Enhance Crop Protection and Production is hosting a workshop to examine the potential hinderances and possibilities for utilizing these interactions in practice.

The workshop will be in the form of a panel discussion. Each panel member will introduce their experience in bringing CAMo interactions into practice, either as researchers, regulators, consultants or other functions. This, together with input from the other workshop participants will give the basis for the group discussion.

The workshop is open for all attendees of Future IPM 3.0, as well as all members of EU-COST Action 1405.

There are still openings to join the panel (contact


Confirmed panel members are:

Dr. Carolin Schneider, Institut für Pflanzenkultur e.K., DE

Dr. Edith Ladurner, CBC (Europe) Bioguard, IT

Dr. Alexander Schouten, Wageningen University, NL 


* EU-COST Action FA1405 workshop 

There are still openings to join the panel (contact