A unique opportunity to share scientific, technical and regulatory information with the objective to promote knowledge exchange among scientists, companies, farmers, advisors, policy makers and stakeholders, to identify approaches, tools and techniques to meet the future needs of European crop protection. 


FiereCongressi Spa - Parco Lido, Riva del Garda - Italy

Future IPM 3.0 | R2B and R2R event

Brokerage and Venturing Event on Research & Innovation on sustainable agriculture


October 17, 2017 | 11am - 18pm

The Future IPM 3.0 brokerage event will bring together companies and research organizations across the globe to find the perfect match to develop a new discover into a successful commercial product. In addition, you have the possibility to get in contact to possible partners for H2020 projects.


The four subjects are:

- PRODUCTS (biopesticides, semiochemical-based technologies to control pests, traps, compost and fertilizers)

- ICT and MECHATRONIC SOLUTIONS (decision support systems, app, software and hardware for agriculture, services, spray technology, low-carbon emission equipment, automation in agriculture, drones)

- INFRASTRUCTURE (plastic and glass protection, insect-proof and hail nets, light and water management technologies)

- Research (getting in contact with other scientists for project preparation)


Participation at the event is free of charge, upon registration to the R2B and R2R. People willing to participate to the R2B  and R2R event (but not interested in attending the OECD conference) and attend business lunch (12:30 - 13:30 CEST) can buy the lunch voucher (30 €) by contacting the organizers at


Join this event to:

  • Get in contact with companies and finding industrial partners or investors
  • Find fresh ideas to create new business opportunities
  • Enrich you company product portfolio with sustainable products
  • Propose research projects and find sponsorship
  • Find partners to start joint research projects
  • Build qualified partnerships in the field of sustainable agriculture
  • Establish new business and collaboration partnerships




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