Begin date: 
February 16, 2022

End date:
April 16, 2022



Prof. Fabrizio Costa

University of Trento

Center Agriculture Food Environment

Fondazione Edmund Mach

About the Conference | Keynote speakers

Prof. Mondher Bouzayen

Prof. Mondher Bouzayen

Prof. Mondher Bouzayen laboratory of Genomics and Biotechnology of Fruit (GBF) in Toulouse-France deals with the deciphering of the mechanism and factors controlling the developmental transitions associated with fleshy fruit development. The main focus is on the genetic reprogramming underlying the flower-to-fruit transition and the transition to ripening using the tomato as reference species. The GBF group also contributes to the generation of generic resources such as genome sequences and transcriptomic platforms. These resources are made available to the scientific community. The GBF group coordinated several EU projects and research networks (COST). Recently, the group invested in the setup of transcriptomic and reverse genetics tools on grape to further boost this fleshy fruit species which once transformed gives rise to noble beverages, white or red and sometimes in between.

Prof. Jim Giovannoni

Prof. Jim Giovannoni

Prof. Giovannoni is director of the USDA Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health located on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY USA.  The focus of his research is on genetic and genome-enabled analysis of fruit maturation and ripening and the pathways that influence nutritional quality. For over 25 years the lab has been involved in development of tools for genomics of the Solanaceae including participation in the International Tomato Sequencing Project. The majority of work involves the use of tomato though other fruit systems are addressed, usually in collaboration with other groups around the world.  The lab has explored fruit development and ripening though identification of genes underlying ripening mutations, functional analyses of transcription factors expressed in ripening fruit, and analysis of epigenome dynamics and hormonal activities during maturation.