Begin date: 
February 16, 2022

End date:
April 16, 2022



Prof. Fabrizio Costa

University of Trento

Center Agriculture Food Environment

Fondazione Edmund Mach

ISHS 2022 | Program


From the 21st to the 24th of February life discussions with the speakers will be organised according to the topics. The most convenient time for speakers and link to the on-line platform for live discussion will be provided once the program will be completed.


Prof. Fabrizio Costa

Prof. Mario Pezzotti (Director of FEM Research and Innovation Centre)


Prof. Giovannoni:  ”An inside-out view of tomato fruit ripening”


Prof. Bouzayen “Fruit softening is determined at early pre-ripening stages. Is it a firm statement or a paradigm shift in thinking?”

SELECTED TALKS on the conference topics

  • Physiological mechanism of plant hormones
  • Vegetative growth
  • Dormancy
  • Flowering and fruit set
  • Crop loading and fruit abscission
  • Crop production
  • Fruit ripening
  • Postharvest
  • Technological innovation in plant hormones 



DAY_1_ (21 February 2022)

Topic: Plant hormone mechanism and fruit ripening

from 14:00 time of Rome

Chairpersons: Fabrizio Costa & Nicola Busatto 

O. 1

An inside-out view of tomato fruit ripening

James Giovannoni 

O. 2

The MADS-box gene SlMBP3 is a master regulator of locular tissue and fruit texture in tomato

Mondher Bouzayen 

O. 3

Hormone profiling of tomato reproductive organs reveals the vital role of indole-acetic acid conjugation in flower development

Sayantan Panda, Andrei Vainer, Yana Kazachkova, Irina Panizel, Asaph Aharoni, Hagai Yasuor, Sarah Breitenbach, Jutta Ludwig- Müller 


Regulatory mechanisms controlling flower bud dormancy in peach

Claudio Bonghi, Monica Canton, Cristian Forestan, Gianpiero Marconi, Esther Carrera, Serena Varotto 

O. 5

Epigenetic modification, a novel strategy to artificially control blueberry fruit ripening

Taishan Li, Hisayo Yamane, Ryutaro Tao 

O. 6

No contradictions, please! What does a simple hormonal profiling tell us about vegetative growth regulation?

Sergi Munné-Bosch 

O. 7

Abscisic acid promotes vitamin E accumulation in sweet cherries by activation of phytolkinases

Paula Muñoz, Dr. Verónica Tijero, Celia Vincent, Sergi Munné-Bosch

P. 1

SCALD-COLD: comprehensive dissection of the superficial scald in apple

Fabrizio Costa, Angelo Zanella, Christian Huck, Nicola Busatto, Francesca Populin, Stefan Stürz, Ilaria Folie, Franco Biasioli, Brian Farneti, Urska Vrhovsek, Ueno Nami, Lorenzo Vittani, Justyna Grabska, Krzysztof Bec 

P. 2

Deciphering the ethylene production capacity of pear fruit within two segregating populations

Federico Grignaffini, Jordi Gine' Bordonaba, Carolina Ms. Font, Fabrizio Costa 

P. 3

Jasmonate signaling and regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in fruits: searching for key targets of MYC2 in strawberry

Paz E. Zúñiga, Karla Jara-Cornejo, Claudia Rivera-Mora, Celia Delgado, Dr. Carlos R. Figueroa


DAY_2_ (22 February 2022)

Topic: Crop load and fruit production

from 14:00 time of Rome

Chairpersons: Satoru Kondo & Guglielmo Costa 

O. 8

Evaluation of side effects of growth regulator chemicals used as anti-frost in apricots and plums on fertility characteristics

Rahim Gharesheikhbayat 

O. 9

Accede is a new thinner for apple and stone fruit based on the naturally occurring compound 1-Aminocyclopropane Carboxylic Acid

Steven McArtney, Peter Petracek, Poliana Francescatto, Kevin Forney 

O. 10

The Plant Hormone ABA Plays a Role in the Regulation of Date Palm Fruit Ripening


Saar Elbar, Smadar Harpaz-Saad, Amnon Bustan 

O. 11

Endogenous ethylene production and fruit quality in peaches in response to ethephon and ACC as chemical thinners

Estanis Torres Lezcano, Luís Asín 

O. 12

Effect of AVG (Retain®) on yield and double seed incidence of almond trees, and orchard profit under different conditions of fruit set and PAR interception

Gabino Reginato, Víctor Beyá-Marshall 


Study on the Effect of New Bioactive Fertilizer in ‘Fuji’ Apple Production in China

Huatao Hu, Mingjiang Deng, Libin Fei, Xuefeng Xu, Zhen-Hai Han 

O. 14

ABA signal transduction and metabolism on anthocyanin and sugar syntheses in grapes

Satoru Kondo, Chihiro Hoshi, Hiroyuki Tomiyama, Hong Lin, Takanori Saito, Katsuya Ohkawa, Hitoshi Ohara 

O. 15

Rate and timing of metamitron affect thinning efficacy of ‘Gala’ apple trees under American Northeast conditions

Luis Gonzalez Nieto, Poliana Francescatto, Jaume Lordan, Terence L. Robinson 

O. 16

Optimizing the application of plant bioregulators with the support of transcriptomics: two case studies in apple and peach.

Alessandro Botton, Francesca Populin, Francesco Girardi, Veronica Tijero, Guglielmo Costa 

O. 34

Auxins promote vascular function and reduce bitter pit of 'Honeycrisp' apples

Chayce Griffith, Randolph Beaudry, Todd Einhorn

P. 4

Productive characteristics of 'Golden Reinders' apple nine-month nursery trees improved by 6-BA and nitrogen fertigation

Dragan Radivojevic, Jasminka Milivojevic, Cedo Oparnica 

P. 5

Impact of pre-harvest salicylic acid treatment on phenolic content and antioxidant activity of grape berries

María Carmen Gomez-Jimenez, Beatriz Briegas, Maria C. Camarero, Graciela P. Blanch, Maria L. Ruiz del Castillo 

P. 6

Experience in thinning trial to regulate the fruit load on three apple varieties

Tommaso Pantezzi, Jonathan Pasqualini, Andrea Guerra, Enrico Messmer, Cristian Iob, Damiano Moser 

P. 7

Searching for plum flower thinner

Ludek Lanar, Jan Namestek 

P. 14

Managing fruit size of tropical pumpkin with chemical and microbial root stimulants

Pablo Morales-Payan 

P. 15

‘Improved Meyer’ lemon response to selected bioregulators in a tropical location

Pablo Morales-Payan 


DAY_3_(23 February 2022)

Topic: Application of Bioregulators

from 14:00 time of Rome

Chaipersons: Tripti Vashisth & Paula Muñoz

O. 17

Effect of Homobrassinolide on Almonds

Bhushan Mandava, Carlos Sotomayor, Srinivas Mandava 

O. 18

Effect of Homobrassinolide on Walnuts

Bhushan Mandava, Carlos Sotomayor, Srinivas Mandava 

O. 19

Biostimulant effects of biogenic ZnO nanoparticles on ‘Moraiolo’ olive cultivar in vitro

Luca Regni, Daniele Del Buono, Maurizio Micheli, Simona Lucia Facchin, Ciro Tolisano, Primo Proietti 

O. 20

The effect of pre-harvest applications with biostimulants on qualitative properties and postharvest performance of loquat fruits

George Manganaris, Andrea Pavlou, Epifanios Efstathiou, Stavros Christodoulou 

O. 21

Melatonin and its tissue-specific role during postharvest of Angeleno plum

Alba Arabia, Sergi Munné-Bosch, Paula Muñoz 

O. 22

Timing of gibberellic acid applications to manipulate flowering and improve fruit production in HLB-affected sweet orange

Taylor Livingston, Tripti Vashisth 

O. 23

Evaluation of minimum required rate of hydrogen cyanamde for uniform bud-break in low-chill peach cultivar

Tripti Vashisth, Bikash Adhikari 

O. 33 

Return bloom enhancement of low, medium and high flowering ‘Golden Delicious’ apple trees by the application of 1-naphthaleneacetic acid and ethephon

Matej Stopar 

P. 8

Apple sprouting inducers for mild winter regions

José Luiz Petri, Everlan Fagundes 

P. 9

Use of exogenous salicylic in the pre-harvest treatment of olive tree to enrich olive fruits in antioxidant

Maria-Carmen Gomez-Jimenez, Beatriz Briegras, Maria C. Camarero, Jorge Corbacho,

Graciela P. Blanch, Maria L. Ruiz del Castillo 

P. 10

Changes in fatty acid composition and antioxidant content of olive fruits after pre-harvest methyl jasmonate and abscisic acid treatments

María-Carmen Gomez-Jimenez, Beatriz Briegras, Maria C. Camarero, Jorge Corbacho, Graciela P. Blanch, Maria L. Ruiz del Castillo 

P. 11

Searching for new possibilities of bloom delay in apricots

Ludek Lanar, Klara Schankova, Jan Namestek 

P. 16

Biostimulant effects on root and above-ground in lychee

Pablo Morales-Payan  


DAY_4_(24 February 2022)

from 14:00 time of Rome

Topic: Fruit quality and Postharvest

Chaipersons: George Manganaris & Chris Watkins 

O. 24

Plant growth regulator effects on physiological storage disorders of apple fruit

Christopher B. Watkins 

O. 25

Plant bioregulators: do we still need them?

Guglielmo Costa, Alessandro Botton 

O. 26

Auxin is part of the regulatory circuit that sustains the ripening initiation in apple fruit

Nicola Busatto, Marco Moretto, Brian Farneti, Francesca Populin, Mauro Comisso, Urska Vrhovsek, Paolo Sonego, Paolo Fontana, Flavia Guzzo, Franco Biasioli, Fabrizio Costa 

O. 27

Blueberry endogenous ethylene production affects fruit quality and storability

Brian Farneti, Iuliia Khomenko, Matteo Ajelli, Franco Biasioli, Lara Giongo 

O. 30

Effect of pre-harvest ethylene inhibitor application on `Fuji´ apple on-tree maturation and quality after storage

Luiz Carlos Argenta, Rachael Maree Wood, Felipe De Angel Monteiro Terra, Daniel Alexandre Neuwald 

O. 31

Postharvest life and quality improvement of Bacon avocados

Celia Vincent Sánchez, Sergi Munne Bosch 

O. 32

Postharvest apple ripening is regulated by ethylene in an ABA-dependent manner

Pablo Fernández-Cancelo, Paula Muñoz, Neus Teixidó, Sergi Munné-Bosch, Jordi Giné-Bordonaba  

P. 12

Ripening behavior in red flesh `Kissabel®´ apple fruit during post-harvest

Francesca Populin, Lorenzo Vittani, Brian Farneti, Nicola Busatto, Fabrizio Costa 

P. 13

Transcriptomic investigation of superficial scald onset in Granny Smith and Ladina apple varieties during different post-harvest storage techniques

Lorenzo Vittani, Nicola Busatto, Andreas Bühlmann, Simone Bühlmann-Schütz, Angelo Zanella, Fabrizio Costa 

P. 17

Yellow passion fruit conservation for the fresh market as affected by postharvest wax and cytokinin treatments

Pablo Morales-Payan 

P. 18

Effects of bioregulators and storage temperatures on the postharvest preservation of the tropical fruit Melicoccus bijugatus Jacq

Pablo Morales-Payan 

P. 19

Folcysteine fruit coating and storage temperature affect deterioration of 'Davis Haden' mango

Pablo Morales-Payan 

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