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Hotel Cristallo, Levico Terme

XIV Subfossil Cladocera Workshop,

Levico Terme (Italy), Hotel Cristallo, April 5th-8th 2016

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Dear all!

The XIV Subfossil Cladocera Workshop is over, we are all safe back at home (likely on diet!), and life is slowly getting its "normal" course again... But before getting stucked in the routine, me, Manuela and Nico want to thank you once more for the successful workshop and the nice and friendly, scientific-gastronomic atmosphere! It has been a pleasure to stay with you and to learn a lot from your experiences! We do really hope to meet you soon at the XV Subfossil Cladocera in Veszprem (Hungary) in 2018 and... in the meantime, just to keep the nice memories alive, we send you the group photo we took in Sirmione last Thursday.

Now back to work... In the download section you find also the presentation of the closing session, with information on the publication of Cladocera papers on Advance in Oceanography and Limnology. Deadline for submission of the manuscript is June 15th 2016. Updates will be available on the XIV Subfossil Cladocera Webpages : the meantime, I remind you once more, the publication is not restricted to the workshop contributes, but can be extended to other aspects of subfossil Cladocera and other authors, including cancelled workshop participants. The volume coeditors will be happy to help you with editing and language. Please, feel free to contact us for any further question. I kindly ask old and new potential authors to send me a brief e-mail of confirmation. Thanks!

Thanks again and best wishes to all!

Monica, Manuela & Nico

XIV SubClaWork-group