Studying Vibrational Communication - 1st International Symposium on Biotremology

5-7 July 2016

Fondazione Edmund Mach - San Michele all'Adige (Italy)

Conveners: Valerio Mazzoni (, Gianfranco Anfora (


Fondazione Edmund Mach

In the afternoon of Thursday the 7th, all participants are invited to attend one of the three proposed workshops. 

The titles of the workshops are:

  1. (1) Authentic research in the classroom: Transforming your course into a course-based research experience (CURE) for undergraduates 
  2. (2) Engineering, Mechanics and Informatics meet Entomology: Communication, interference and disruption by vibrational signals 
  3. (3) Making a worldwide and robust network in Biotremology 

The workshop registration will be done at the reception desk on the first day.

Those who are interested to attend the workshop number (1) are invited to bring three printed copies of their course syllabus with them.