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iwa2019 | About the conference

The 10th International Workshop on Anthocyanins (IWA 2019) will be held in San Michele all’Adige (Italy), in region Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol which is located in the heart of the Italian Alps, well renowned for its excellent wine, famous fruits, and beautiful Dolomites mountains. 

Anthocyanins are well known for their great diversity of colours, spanning practically the whole visible spectrum, from orange and red through to purple and blue hues. Due to their wide distribution in nature and structural diversity they have hit headlines and are linked to a range of health benefits and diverse functions in plants. Over the years, the scientific community has been focusing on these amazing molecules trying to understand their biosynthesis, properties, bioactivities and biological relevance, and possible applications. Given their relative abundance in the diet and their chemical and biological versatility, they represent a rich source of health promoting properties and only now are we truly beginning to understand how their absorption might relate to bioactivity. 
Similarly, novel anthocyanin-enriching techniques are opening new opportunities for several applications in various industry sectors for manufacturing food and non-food products including their potential use as food additives, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.   

Since the year 2000, the International Workshop on Anthocyanins (IWA) has been the major bi-annual focus for cutting edge anthocyanin research dissemination. The proximity of many European countries with numerous R&D groups working on anthocyanins will surely contribute to the success of the 10th edition. IWA 2019 is an opportunity for academics and industrials to establish contacts with other scientists working with anthocyanins worldwide.