Stefan Martens
Research and Innovation Centre
Food Quality and Nutrition Department
phone +39 0461 615541

Fulvio Mattivi
University of Trento
phone +39 0461 615259

Fondazione Edmund Mach - Via Mach 1, San Michele a/Adige, Italy

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Biosynthesis and Genetics

  • Stefan MARTENS, Italy
  • Richard ESPLEY, New Zealand
  • Kevin DAVIES, New Zealand
  • Michal OREN-SHAMIR, Israel

Ecology, Function and Evolution

  • Kevin GOULD, New Zealand
  • Kathy SCHWINN, New Zealand
  • Nicole HUGHES, USA
  • Heidi HALBWIRTH, Austria

Health and Nutrition

  • Mary Ann LILA, USA
  • David VAUZOUR, United Kingdom
  • Fulvio MATTIVI, Italy
  • Sabina PASSAMONTI, Italy

Phytochemistry and Analysis

  • Kumi YOSHIDA, Japan
  • Urska VRHOVSEK, Italy
  • Victor DE FREITAS, Portugal
  • Olivier DANGLES, France

Application in Food and Industry

  • Richard BLACKBURN, United Kingdom
  • Panagiotis ARAPITSAS, Italy
  • Cathie MARTIN, United Kingdom
  • Véronique CHEYNIER, France