Stefan Martens
Research and Innovation Centre
Food Quality and Nutrition Department
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Fulvio Mattivi
University of Trento
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Fondazione Edmund Mach - Via Mach 1, San Michele a/Adige, Italy

Marco Landi

University of Pisa (Italy) - Department of Agriculture, Food & Environment

Marco Landi

Marco Landi

Marco Landi is a senior scientist in plant physiology and biochemistry at University of Pisa, Italy. His research focuses on biochemical, molecular and physiological mechanisms through which Mediterranean plants accommodate environmental stress. Recent research has investigated the photoprotective role of carotenoids, anthocyanins and flavonoids sensu lato in plants subjected to climate change factors. His research group is also developing optical models to assess the occurrence of anthocyanin-metal bonding, to explore the possibility that anthocyanins might additionally function as metal chelators.

During IWA he will talk about "Fresh insights on the ecological role of foliar anthocyanins: the quest for a novel function" in the Ecology, Function and Evolution session.