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Travel and accomodation | Trentino - South Tyrol region

The conference will be held in Trentino-South Tyrol, in the heart of the Italian Alps, a region well renowned for its excellent wine, famous fruits, and beautiful Dolomites mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site since August 2009).
This region is the perfect place for those who love mountaineering and hiking in a natural landscape of incomparable beauty. A wealth of art, history and culture can be appreciated in Trento, the City of the Council that preserves and protects the historical meeting point between the Italian and the Mitteleuropean cultures in its monuments and arts, including MUSE - the Museum of Science that opened in July 2013.

Some places to visit if you plan to spend your weekend in Trentino Alto Adige



Trentino and South Tyrol are famous for their Dolomite mountains. The Dolomites get their name from the rock that causes their unique shape and colour. Named after French mineralogist Deodat Gratet de Dolomieu, dolomite is a sedimentary rock mainly formed from carbonate minerals. The molecular properties of the mineral give the mountains their rugged pinnacles and rosy color. More info here.




Ötzi - ricostruzione dell'aspetto

The first three floors of the Museum were designed as a space to featur exhibits about the archaeology of the southern Alpine arc, Ötzi and numerous topics associated with the Iceman. The fourth floor is dedicated to temporary exhibitions about archaeology in South Tyrol. 

Ötzi the Iceman - More than 5,000 years ago, a man died while ascending the icy heights of the Schnals Valley glacier. In 1991, his remains – together with his clothes and equipment, mummified and frozen – were discovered by accident. This was an archaeological sensation providing a unique glimpse into the life of a man of the Chalcolithic Period who was travelling at high altitudes.
After many years of investigation by highly-specialized research teams, the mummy recovered from the glacier and the accompanying artifacts have been made available to the public in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. We are fascinated, astonished, but also strangely touched to meet a witness of our own past. The fate of an individual human being deprives the "story" of its anonymity – and it comes alive in our imaginations.




Fine Castles are scatterred across Trentino and Alto Adige valleys. They can be easily viewed from the valley when driving or riding the train. Most of them can be visited and some host museums. More info here.



riva del garda panorama

Riva del Garda

A view of Garda lake from Riva del Garda, 50 minutes drive from Trento. Other locations on the Garda lake can be reached within an 1 hour of train from Trento.