Project leader: Kieran Tuohy, Fondazione Edmund Mach

Web communication: Anna Eriksson,  (E-STaR) Fondazione Edmund Mach,

Bando "I comunicatori STAR della scienza", Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Giulia Chitarrini

Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites, Laimburg Research Centre

Giulia Chitarrini

Education. PhD in Agricultural biotechnology, Fondazione Edmund Mach-Udine University, Italy, 2017. MSc. Health and Nutrition Biology, University of L´Aquila, Italy, 2013.

Professional activities. 2017 –now, Researcher, Laimburg Research Centre, Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites, Laimburg/Vadena, Italy. 2016 Visiting PhD student, Department of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas (USA).

Research: Her PhD research was focused on primary and secondary metabolites perturbation in grapevine leaves after pathogen infection. Her current main role is on Volatiles Organic Compounds (VOCs) identification, focused on old and new apple variety, grape and wine quality and plant-pathogen interactions.

Publications: h-index: 2, number of peer reviewed publications:5; total number of citations: 36